You might be:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Independent Drivers
  • Actors/Models
  • Professional Consultant

We know the issues:

  • You’ve got a huge box of expense receipts not knowing where to start
  • Don’t know what to claim as an expense?
  • Managing vendor payments and client invoicing
  • Know where you are financially and manage cash flow and obligations in real time. You don’t have time
  • You’re only a one-man band, after all!

This is how we help:

  • Provide you with mobile tools to track your expenses & keep your receipts.
  • Monthly income reporting and communication so you know where you stand and what you owe.
  • We review your records and implement customer and vendor tracking processes.
  • Calculate, Pay & File your quarterly and annual taxes ON TIME automatically at a monthly LOW cost.

Book a free 30 minute consultation

Book a free 30 minute consultation