Freelancer & independent contractor

  • Are you a photographer? Don’t let your accounting distract you from the photo suite.
  • If you’re a copywriter, let us focus on the numbers, so you can look after the words.
  • Model about to hit the big time? We’ll do the bookkeeping, so you can stay in the public eye.
  • Are you a graphic designer? Don’t let your financials distract you from Adobe. Your clients need to see their brand, so get back to the drawing board!
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Professional & consulting services

  • A successful, rapidly growing law firm or medical practice? One or two directors, and no in-house accountant? We’ll work with you toward a seamless reporting time at financial year-end.
  • Architects and engineers build cities, marketing companies build brands: we help build empires. Talk to us about alleviating your financial admin pressures.
  • Casting agency? We’ll help you focus on human resources, by taking care of the financial resource.
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Media & entertainment agencies

  • Talent agency breaking the mould? While you focus on brand awareness and growth, we’ll ensure the back house is running smoothly.
  • Print publishing and media engages us everywhere: not just on paper.  It’s a marriage that needs work.  Talk to us about our virtual CFO service- so that you can sell the world your news and continue to be a step ahead.
  • If you’re a production company trying to break into the industry, leave us to hash out the financial aspect while you bring the work in. 
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