Why Rayner CPA?

Every dollar counts for business owners, so if you don’t know where you stand on a monthly basis, you may not be around at the end of the year! Using do-it-yourself accounting software can help monitor costs, but the benefits of hiring good accountants extend a long way past crunching a few numbers.

Rayner CPA is the kind of unique, ‘out of the box’ company that could be your financial partner for life. We are proud of what we know, with intimate knowledge of not only how you’re going to finance your next big project, or start-up; or work out your next tax bill, but also how we can help you work out how to fund that dream you’ve always dreamed about.

Our History

Founded in 2009, Rayner CPA is built upon the ideal that everyone should have access to a real CPA who is fully versed in NY, NJ and countrywide taxes at an affordable rate.

New Yorkers are a melting pot of diverse people that come from all over the United States and abroad- so we believe your accountant should be equally as versed and exposed to as many state and international laws as possible. In today’s time, with social media and cloud-sharing capability, people now have a choice all over the country and the world, to receive quality service from a CPA.

About Marc Rayner

“Making accounting less taxing”

Marc Rayner spent 12 years in corporate banking and accounting before moving to specialize in small business and individual accounting and finance.  He has deep industry experience consulting to the retail and manufacturing sectors, and has acted as interim (or “parachute”) CFO to leading businesses within this sector. 

Marc is a registered NYS CPA and graduated with an accounting degree from Yeshiva University. After spending 12 years in Corporate America being trained on how to regurgitate tax and accounting law with too many high level incomprehensible terms (Big Words), he found himself crossing over to Main Street to help small businesses and individuals understand the confusion and work around it. It was here Marc noticed a void in the marketplace for a CPA who could make accounting and tax talk easy to understand and digest.


About Marc Rayner

Marc has realized that providing value and being relatable has to be about listening and not just following an “interview” process found in the large tax franchises.  Marc loves to make “accounting less taxing”. Besides, if you REALLY trust someone who promises you billions, we have a few bridges to sell…

Marc lives in New York City with his two cats.  He enjoys traveling, collecting rare and unique Swatch watches, and meeting energetic and inspiring business owners from all over the country.

Our Location

A New York City accounting firm which thrives on the hustle and bustle of this global village, Rayner CPA is based in Midtown West on 132 W 31st Street, just down from Herald Square, Penn Station and mere minutes from Grand Central.

The ‘bricks and mortar’ of Rayner CPA is a perfect fit. Centrally located, our new offices are at 31 Penn Plaza, a building with cutting-edge technology within its walls. We are so happy in the new building, and know you’ll enjoy visiting us as we work together to better your business.